Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kumar Sanu's divorce linked with Meenakshi seshadri

A report was published in 1994 flimfare magazine that kumar sanu's wife rita filed a divorce suit . in her paper sanu's wife told that she wanted divorce and meenakshi seshadri was responsible for that. meenakshi and sanu both loved each other pasionately. similar report was published in other mag like aarpar etc .so media got a new hot topic. so they went to meenakshi and asked her about it. meenakshi angrily replied she did not know the reporter should ask kumar sanu and his wife. HOw mischevious behaviour of meenakshi, a woman seeked divorce from her husband blaming meenakshi.and meenakshi did not protest and remained silent . Anyone in world would protest and took legal action against sanu's wife. but meenakshi remained silent.. she knew if she would made any noise, then all trues were exposed and her chuimui and satisavitri image. Meenakshi then lived in a paradise ,anyone except herself knew what was her shady character.
WHen reporter asked rita sanu (sanu's wife).she blamed sanu and meenakshi for her on going divorce suit. She told reporter that she was pregnant but she had no money and sanu spent all his income to that whore. Rita told that at first she did not believe an educated and senior actress like meenakshi could do this kind of activity. but after watching some time all things came clear to me . She told also she had every information, how cruelty and vulgarly sanu was enjoying meenakshi, how dirtily meenakshi was satisfying sanu's sexual urge. Even they performed sexual acts in front of her when she protested against their shady relation.

she always involved such kind of shady activity but any one did not suspect her, meenakshi herself admitted in showtime mag1n1993 that she was most sexy girl in bollywood industry, she did all kind of activities but any one did not understand,
At first sanu was involved with smaller actress like kunika but then sanu was not so famous but later he involved with meenakshi in her divorce paper sanu's wife mentioned meenakshi's name not kunika's . Anyone could verfify that divorse paper going to calcutta high court and even judges of calcutta high court asked
kumar sanu to present in court on23rd november, 1993. Beside this if kumar sanu's wife intentionally mentioned name of meenakshi why did not she protest, why did not meenakshi filed a defamation case against her. anybody in world did that but meenakshi did nothing, remained silent as always when her name was involved in any scandal.
After rita sanu reporters went to ask sanu but sanu did not answer, so reporters caught sanu secretary, He admitted that Dada(sanu) had many girl friends, he spent night with them but dada woluld not marry them. but Baudi(bhavi, Sanu's wife ) did not understand that. What Was wrong if dada Would enjoy some good women,Every powerful and sucessful man did that but they did not divorsc's theirs wives. Then reporter asked secretary who was his dada's current girl friend, they mentioned
kunika's name ,but secretary replied those days were gone,that a small star like kunika would be dada's girlfriend, dada's current girl friend was a famous heroine. when reporter asked the name of that girl. secretary told that he could not name the girl. it could harm his carrier.but after many request he told that he did not metioned name but the girl was feaured in dada's favourite song of a movie and she was heroine of that movie and would make a bengali film with that girl.any one asked kumar sanu in those days, he always answered only one song ' jab koi baat bigar jaye, muskil me par jaye tab mere saath dena oh hamsanam' of flim jurm. and the song was picturised on meenakshi and she was heroine of that flim so according to sanu's secretary's information sanu' s girl friend was that time was meenakshi and after some time sanu admitted that he would made a bengali flim ganer bhuban firiye dobo with meenakshi. why meenakshi went out from that flim that was another story to continue.

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